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More and more citizens recognize the need for basic medical trauma response in shooting situations, and opt to carry compact medical kits with their gear. With this attachment, you can carry a 4" medical kit on either side of your carrier without adding bulk in the front.


The medical kit holder is ambidextrous, and fits in front or back on the Mark11. In order to keep it secure in the holder, it has a very snug fit. When stretched, it can accommodate medical kits almost 10" in circumference.


Also compatible with other popular carriers with Velcro front/back closures, like the T.REX ARMS AC1 and the Ferro Concepts Slickster.


Does not include medical kit. Holder only. Need a kit? Here is a good option from T.REX ARMS.


WARNING: Not recommended for magazines, as they are heavy and may slide through the bottom.

Medical Kit Side Insert

Only 4 left in stock
  • Usually ships same-day via USPS.

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