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Mark11 Plate Compatibility

The Mark11 is compatible with many popular armor plates on the market, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Plate sizing is inconsistent, and many plates are unreliable or under-tested. Unless your plates are specifically mentioned in the list of compatible options, you should check your plate dimensions to ensure they will fit. Scroll down to see different kinds of plates and the exact dimensions of the Mark11.

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Dimensions and compatibility

The Mark11 plate bag measures 12" tall and 10.5" wide. It was built for 10"x12" single-curve shooter-cut plates, and accommodates plates up to 10" x 12.5" (max. thickness: 1.1").


Because of the drop-in design, the Mark11 also accommodates taller plates, like multi-curve SAPI/ESAPI Medium plates (9.5"x12.5"). Small SAPI plates (8.5"x11.5") will fit in the carrier, but may shift horizontally. With the cummerbund attached tightly, it is fairly stable, but a plate shifting under load may allow dangerous exposure of vitals. For this reason, even though it's possible to fit small SAPI plates, we don't recommend it.

DO NOT use 8"x10" shooter-cut plates. They fit in the Mark11, but the design will not fit tightly on the top OR sides of the plate, so it will be able to shift several inches. This can expose your vitals (including heart!), and therefore should never be attempted.

Note: Many companies make armor and call it 10”x12” or 8"x10", but when you measure the actual plate it can be up to .5” larger or smaller, depending on the backing, padding, and milling process. Do not assume your armor is actually at spec.

Because plates differ so much, the best solution is to calculate the overall external size of the plates. They cannot measure more than 26.5" around the top and bottom of the plate, or more than 21" around the thickest part of the plate side-to-side.

If you do not have armor plates yet and would like a quality option that fits the Mark11, you can buy Hesco L210s sold by T.REX ARMS.

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