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Full-Service Manufacturing

With our in-house production, we have you covered from prototype to packaged goods and every step between.


Have a napkin sketch of your big idea? Send our team your original concept, and we'll turn it into patterns and prototypes. We can also suggest tweaks to improve your product and optimize it for production.


​Whether it takes one revision or a hundred, we'll get you a final product you love. With your Golden Prototype approved, everything gets hand-produced right here in Tennessee. No outsourcing, short-cuts, or surprises.


We can bag, label, or box your items to ensure that your customers have an excellent experience. And you don't have to worry about warranties - every piece we produce is backed by our lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Are you already working with someone else and just need some extra help? We have a variety of manufacturing services available to assist with any project.

Just want one or two of an item? We can work with you to source materials, suggest changes, and help you create a product that's optimized for production.

Have strip material that you need cut to specific lengths or angles? We can angle-cut rolls up to 1.75" wide and straight cut rolls up to 4" wide. Any length, most thicknesses.

Do you need full-size fabric rolls cut to shape? Our Gerber 3500 industrial cutting machine makes cutting a breeze, accommodating rolls of material up to 66" in width. We can also assist with creating patterns for your cut job.

Already have a product in hand, but need help packaging it? We can work with you to bag, label, barcode, and box your items with your branding to produce a delightful experience for your customers.

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