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Or more technically, in a closet. A girl with a background in costume design and no experience making tactical gear, plus a Dad who needed to get out of his corporate job, working with a dude who didn't need a custom dress (wonder of wonders), but who did have a simple design to manufacture: thigh straps. Dozens of 'em. 

The goal? Sell enough of those thigh straps to bring Dad home.

The tiny operation grew, until supplies overflowed the closet and started filling up the garage. New products were designed and added. It got to be too much for one girl, so small siblings joined the thigh strap brigade in an effort to hit deadlines (and make a buck or two). The young'uns got along so well together that the family hired somebody else to help sew. And then someone else. And then another person! Pretty soon, the company was up to seven whole entire people!

The Lord was blessing their crazy business venture, but the end goal was still out of reach: instead of coming home to work for the business, Dad's corporate job demanded more. His stress went through the roof. His hair turned gray. But he couldn't quit yet; Relyant still wasn't bringing in enough bacon. At the same time, though, he knew that God promises that those who are faithful in little will be entrusted with more (Matthew 25:23). Faithfulness is everything - so on they went, committing their way to the Lord. 

Three years later, the company landed their first big gig: making thousands of rifle slings for T.REX ARMS. They moved out of the garage, outfitted a shop, and hired bazillions of people. Which was really more like thirteen, but it seemed like bazillions to them. The company almost tripled! 


...and the very, very

best part of it all was that finally,



Relyant now manufactures thousands of products a month and employs somewhere around 20 people (if the ladies would just stop getting married and moving far away, we'd have more!) Some work in our central shop location, and some work from home so they can take care of their kids. It's our goal to keep our business family-oriented and fun, while also equipping our staff with the skills they need to create top-of-the-line products. When you choose to work with us or buy our stuff, we're committing to treat you just the way we'd like you to treat us and our families: by meaning what we say, keeping our promises, and being reliable (which is totally why we named the business "Relyant". See what we did there?) But most importantly, because we're commanded in everything to:


"Work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men;

knowing that from the Lord we will receive the inheritance as our reward.

We are serving the Lord Christ."

Colossians 3:23-24

You might be wondering what our new mission is now that Dad works with us. It's pretty simple: we aim to be the very best nylon manufacturing company in the industry. It's a huge goal, we know. But we think it can be done. With good people (we have the best!), a sense of adventure (some of us are still working on that), and trust in the Lord (because without Him we won't get anywhere), pretty much anything is within reach.


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